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ASTROLOGY - Summer Camp Zodiac

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

By now you’ve probably picked up all the essentials from the Eaze Summer Camp packing list, but you might be feeling like you’re missing an item or two. Ever wondered what cannabis product each Zodiac sign would bring to camp?


With their enthusiastic and competitive nature, Aries thrive at summer camp. It’s like camp was made for them. These delicious single servings of Manuka Honey and 10mg THC are perfect for slurping down in motion—and Aries are always in motion.


At summer camp, Tauruses are more the type to stay back at the bunk and collage, or take a nap by the lake. While Aries are at camp to play games and win, Tauruses are there to chill. And this cinnamon bark oil and myrrh 45:1 CBD/THC tincture is a perfect complement to that classic Taurean R&R.


Geminis are the camp gossips, eager to pass a joint around the campfire and gab the hours away. This uplifting and tasty preroll is perfect for a night of story-telling.


Your Cancer camp friend is your shoulder to cry on when you’re feeling homesick. Cancers are warm and fuzzy, like this delectable milk chocolate THC bar. With euphoric and relaxing effects, these treats will rid your summertime blues.


Leos are among the most popular and active kids at camp, always ready to lead a team in tug of war or kickstart a game of charades. These chewy, citrus-flavored treats are a perfect complement to the upbeat Leo lifestyle. Perfect for on-the-go, pop a THC gummy before starting your adventure-packed day.


Virgos are the shy kids at camp. They need a little extra help when it comes to participating in group activities. This 9:1 THC to CBD formula will help give these indoor kids a little extra push. Meticulous Virgos will also appreciate the precision and efficiency this pen provides.


Uber-social Libras can bring this pack of cannabis-infused tonics to the campfire, where they will inevitably gossip with the Geminis. The zodiac’s aesthetes will also appreciate the adorably-decorated cans, filled with lemon juice from Sicily and infused with aromatic lavender.


Intense Scorpios often need a little indica to take a load off. Scorpios also love control, and therefore will appreciate this “Roll Your Own” bag which allows them to tailor their joints to their mood. They will also appreciate the witchy packaging, great for lighting up and leading their cabin in a seance.


At camp, Sagittarians are in the fun-loving crowd. After a long day of participating in every activity offered, they will enjoy winding down with these hand-crafted chocolate clusters. Made with solvent-less indica rosin, they promote a serene high perfect for philosophizing under the stars into the night.


Capricorns have many strengths, but “having fun” isn’t one of them. Like Virgos, they need a little extra help to get through summer leisure activities. This indica vape pen is perfect for helping Capricorns ease into relaxation.


At camp, Aquarians are popular like Leos. They make friends with everyone. And like Geminis and Libras, they love to chat. This euphoric and creative strain is perfect for socializing all over camp.


The oldest and wisest sign of the Zodiac, Pisces are sort of in their own world. They’re also mutable signs, meaning they can blend to whoever they’re around, and whatever activity they’re engaged in. This 1:1 CBD to THC ratio combines mild psychoactive effects with a refreshing calm—perfect for the Zodiac’s free-spirited chameleons.

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